Chris Giddings

Tuesday 02 February 2016 - 10:00:00

Personal Information
My name is Chris Giddings (student number 3602705), am currently studying the Bachelor of Psychology at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and have a strong interest in the health field and in helping others. I have previously studied pharmacy at RMIT and attended Goulburn Valley Grammar Scool. I haveI speak English and Swedish and I mostly grew up in rural Victoria in a town with a population of 500, but have also lived in Sweden for periods of time. I spend a lot of time doing political activity including running for the student union this year and I compete in archery.
Interest in IT

My parents worked in IT so I learnt IT through them. My own interest in IT, however, is a result of my own interest in music and games, which made it necessary to develop IT-based skills. I have since worked in jobs where these IT skills have been necessary including: performing updates and repairs on computers at an internet café, web design, and using different programs while sound engineering. These various jobs have given me an appreciation for how useful IT skills are and helped me develop my own skills. This type of experience has been mostly based on learning how to use programs specific to each task which is a crucial skill that I can apply in all industries. I began studying at RMIT because it was one of the only universities in Victoria that offered pharmacy, but have remained here since changing courses. I hope to be able to develop through my studies in order to provide the greatest amount of care possible to patients.
Ideal Job
(See link and snapshot below)

This position entails offering psychological help and treatment for those who need assistance in a medical setting. This position is appealing to me because I deeply enjoy working in healthcare and being able to help treat people, as I have in many of my previous jobs. I want to be able to work in an environment that effectively helps me help others, and I would like to work in areas that allow me to have ongoing relationships with patients in order to do that.
Some of the skills required include being able to effectively communicate with others, being able to empathise and relate, being able to prompt and engage others in meaningful discussion, and application of theory in order to offer meaningful insight and treatment. In addition, this job requires to be registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency and medicare, which requires a Masters in Clinical Psychology.
I currently have a significant amount of experience in the health field, working in pharmacy and in occupational therapy with autistic children which has equipped me with the necessary communication skills, as well as the ability to provide make accurate medical and health related decisions. However, I need to develop my own knowledge of psychology and complete the relevant education in order to meet all of the skills necessary for this job. By finishing my bachelor degree and completing an honours followed by a master’s degree, I would be able to achieve this.

Personal Profile
According to the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test (MBTI) I am an ENFP. This means I am enthusiastic, empathetic, good at relating to others and able to think abstractly and understand difficult, complex concepts. This means that in a team environment I am able to put myself in the shoes of my teammates easily as well as able to co-ordinate innovative solutions for group work. When forming a team, I should look for people who are organised and like to follow less abstract reasoning in order to balance out the team.
I am also an auditory learner which means I learn best through listening. This plays a huge role in my ability to be an effective communicator in teamwork situations and means that I benefit from teams that are talkative and open to communication.
On the big five personality test, I score highest in agreeableness. This means I am warm and tactful. This allows me to mediate well during teamwork and means I am able to adjust and adapt to different group situations. When forming a team, this means I can understand my teammates goals and interests better in order to have a cohered team.

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